IGU Volunteers

Australia has close involvement with IGU. You can nominate to be a member of a committee at any point during the IGU research period. Membership can mean attending meetings (held every six months throughout the three-year research triennia) or by correspondence only, where you will be expected to assist in opinions, surveys and project/industry input.

All nominations must be approved by AGIT. Please contact the people listed below or contact AGIT on info@agit.org.au to learn more about how to become involved.

Graeme BethuneMemberIGU Executive
Graeme BethuneRegional CoordinatorIGU North Asia and Australasia
Graeme BethuneMemberStrategy Committee – Study Group 2 – Pricing of Gas
Ben BarrettMemberLNG Committee – Study Group 2 – Development of LNG Hubs and Liquidity
Robin CoombeMemberIGU Task Force 2 – Energy for All
Clive D’CruzMemberGas Markets Committee – Study Group 3 – GHG Emissions
Matthew DomanMemberIGU Task Force 1 – Strategic Communications & Outreach
Peter HarcusMemberTransmission Committee – Study Group 1 – Gas Transmission Lines

Elizabeth Perrone

ChairIGU Task Force 2 – Energy for All

Reynard Smith

MemberGas Markets Committee – Study Group 3 – Market Development