Gas Speak

Gas Speak 2022

The dates for Gas Speak 2022 are 17-19 October.

Nominations will called for in June 2022. 

The aim of Gas Speak is to encourage an awareness and knowledge of the gas industry in Australia by providing a forum for young people to present papers, chair sessions, conduct syndicate discussions and develop the art of self-expression and communication. Gas Speak has been a successful and highly regarded gas industry event since 1982.


There are up to 30 delegate places available and applicants are drawn from all areas of the natural gas industry – exploration/production, transmission, distribution and retail and appliance sectors.

Gas Speak as an extremely well regarded educational event and organisations should consider it as providing the opportunity for their younger and up-and-coming employee’s to receive instruction in public speaking and advocacy, to mix with industry leaders and to learn about other parts of their industry and to network with industry participants. Nominations are aimed at applicants who are aged 35 and under, although older applicants are welcome to apply and will need to be approved by their manager.
Noting the success of previous Gas Speak events, it may be expected that there may be more nominations than vacancies. Attendees will be selected from the nominations at the discretion of AGIT so as to encourage broad participation from all industry sectors and businesses. An organisation may submit multiple nominations but AGIT will discuss the company’s nominations with the relevant company manager prior to the determination of the successful candidates.

Delegates’ Participation

The structure of Gas Speak includes elements of speaking, preparing PowerPoint presentations and chairing of sessions.  A special training session in communication, speech writing and presentation is given as part of the program as well as presentations on current industry issues and on how delegates can be industry advocates.

Delegates are required to prepare a 17 minute presentation prior to the event, to present to an audience of delegates and mentors. The mentors are senior gas industry representatives who give advice and feedback on delegate presentations.


There is no delegate fee to attend Gas Speak, but costs for travel, accommodation and some meals is the employer’s responsibility. All other costs are met by the AGIT.

Nominations for Gas Speak 2021 will be open in March/April 2021.

Presentations from previous Gas Speak events can be found here.