Gas Research

This page provides an overview of key research into natural gas in Australia as well as key research overseas.

Australian Gas Research

Future Fuels Cooperative Research Centre

Established in 2018, the Future Fuels CRC (FFCRC) supports Australia’s multibillion dollar energy sector to transition to low-carbon fuels. These fuels will be delivered through both new and repurposed infrastructure to meet the needs of the whole energy market – electricity, transport, agriculture, mining, building, industrial and residential sectors.

FFCRC will develop solutions for current infrastructure and equipment to use low carbon fuels today and well into the future. Collaborating with over 60 companies, 6 universities, the energy market operator and 2 regulators, low carbon fuels offer increasing potential to store and deliver reliable, clean, secure, and affordable energy to Australian consumers.
The Future Fuels CRC will be supported by $26m cash from the Commonwealth Government under the CRC program and about $65m of cash and in-kind funding from industry and universities over its 7 year life.

Future Fuels CRC

CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
CSIRO is the Australian national science organisation and is an Australian Government corporate entity constituted to conduct scientific research under the Science and Industry Research Act 1949. In the Energy Business Unit, CSIRO pioneers low-emission technologies that create value for industry and households and provide the knowledge which will help Australia towards a smart, secure energy future. Under the category Gas, Oil and CO2 Storage CSIRO conducts research into onshore and offshore gas:
Gas Industry Research and Environmental Alliance (GISERA)
GISERA facilitates collaboration between CSIRO, state and commonwealth governments and industry to undertake publicly-reported independent research. The aims are to provide scientific research and information to communities living in gas development regions and to inform governments and policy-makers of key research outcomes. Focus is in NSW and QLD on social and environmental topics including ground and surface water, the marine environment and socio-economic impacts.
Centre for Coal Seam Gas (CCSG) at the University of Queensland
UQ conducts research and supports education in key discipline areas where onshore gas activity operates. Coordinates with industry and research organisations nationally such as with GISERA, and with international institutes such as University of Texas and Herriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Provides independent advice to industry and government. The core management team that oversees the operations are from four professional research chairs in geoscience, petroleum engineering, water and social performance.
Focus is in NSW and QLD for areas affected by gas development including the areas covered by the four research areas above plus economics, business and ecology. The aim is to convert strategic research into capabilities and technologies that support the development and efficient operations of the coal seam gas industry.

Other Research in Australia

Many other organisations conduct research into areas that include the gas industry (but do not focus entirely on gas) such as:
Postgraduate research studies in the gas industry are available at many universities in Australia, the most prominent being:

International Gas Research