Industry members

One of AGIT’s objectives is to provide supporting scholarships and other monetary assistance for gas industry stakeholders to attend relevant local and international gas industry related conferences and events.

  • increase their knowledge of the industry through interaction with local and overseas gas industry organisations and individuals;
  • assist in maintaining communications and a flow of knowledge between appropriate overseas organisations and the Australian gas industry; and
  • broaden their outlook by experiencing different cultures and interacting with other Australians from different parts of the industry.


The aim of Gas Speak is to encourage an awareness and knowledge of the gas industry in Australia by providing a forum for young people to present papers, chair sessions, conduct syndicate discussions and develop the art of self-expression and communication. Gas Speak has been a successful and highly regarded gas industry event since 1982.


There are up to 30 delegate places available and applicants are drawn from all areas of the natural gas industry – exploration/production, transmission, distribution and retail and appliance sector.

IGU Volunteers

Australia has close involvement with IGU including one research lead position.  The table below shows the activities that have just concluded – this will be updated soon.

All nominations must be approved by AGIT. Please contact the people listed below or contact AGIT on info@agit.org.au to learn more about how to become involved.

Graeme BethuneMemberIGU Executive
Graeme BethuneRegional CoordinatorIGU North Asia and Australasia
Graeme BethuneMemberStrategy Committee – Study Group 2 – Pricing of Gas
Ben BarrettMemberLNG Committee – Study Group 2 – Development of LNG Hubs and Liquidity
Robin CoombeMemberIGU Task Force 2 – Energy for All
Clive D’CruzMemberGas Markets Committee – Study Group 3 – GHG Emissions
Matthew DomanMemberIGU Task Force 1 – Strategic Communications & Outreach
Peter HarcusMemberTransmission Committee – Study Group 1 – Gas Transmission Lines
Geoffrey HunterMemberLNG Committee – Study Group 3 – Integrated LNG Consuming Projects
Barbara JinksChairIGU Task Force 2 – Energy for All
Barbara JinksMemberStrategy Committee – Study Group 1 – Efficiency of Gas
Barbara JinksMemberTransmission Committee – Study Group 3 – Gas Transmission Methods
Elizabeth PerroneSecretaryIGU Task Force 2 – Energy for All
Reynard SmithMemberGas Markets Committee – Study Group 3 – Market Development