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In 1999, the Australian Gas Association established a trust fund to pursue educational
activities in connection with the Australian gas industry. The trust is now called the Australian
Gas Industry Trust (AGIT) and maintains the objectives of providing funding for education,
professional development and research in the gas industry.


The objectives of AGIT are to contribute to the advancement of study, education and research in the gas industry and related fields and to recognise and support excellence in those fields.
    • Contributing to the personal and professional development of individuals in the gas industry and related fields and encouraging them to pursue expertise for the benefit of the gas industry.

    • Awarding prizes for excellence in those fields.

    • Supporting scholarship in those fields including the grant of scholarships and other
      monetary assistance.

    • Promoting research and invention in those fields.

    • Providing financial assistance to those studying or undertaking research in those fields.

    • Dissemination of information in those fields, including by conferences lectures
      and publications.

    • Promoting an understanding of those fields.

    • Seeking donations for the Trust.


    As the Australian Charter Member of the International Gas Union (IGU), AGIT represents Australia in IGU deliberations on global gas industry issues.

    AGIT provides opportunities for people working in the Australian gas industry, particularly young professionals, to participate in IGU international study groups and to attend international gas industry conferences on AGIT scholarships.

    Through its membership of the IGU AGIT also provides feedback to the Australian industry on international developments and sponsors research on matters relevant to the industry.   

    AGIT also provides educational opportunities, including international travel, for young people in the Australian gas industry and conducts an annual colloquium Gas Speak, a popular event that provides young professionals with skills in communication, liaison and chairing and participating in meetings.